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These specialized earpieces are designed to function both as a speaker and a transmitter. It is an ideal unit for fire departments, biological/chemical hazard-mat applications, law enforcement and industrial workers looking for a compact communication system that can be easily worn under protective gear. Please review the following choices, and contact us with any addition questions.

To view additional remote PTT switch options, ear cords and accessories available for the below units, click here.

EarMic 500

Like the EarMic 200, the EarMic 500 utilizes a 5-stage amplifier circuit to provide crystal-clear audio in almost any environment. From a whisper to a shout, the unique sensitivity of the transducer element in the unit allows for intelligible audio across all ranges of voice communications.

The EarMic 500 is also hard-wired for greater strength and durability, waterproof and features a robust PTT switch which is available in a tactile, audible configuration well suited for hazmat and fire service use, or in a silent configuration designed for tactical team operations.

For additional functionality, remote ring and velcro-strap PTT switches are available separately.

Compatible radios include Motorola, Ericsson/Com-Net, ICOM, Kenwood, Bendix-King, Yaesu Vertex


Costs: EarMic 500 System - Call E.A.R. for specific price and radio compatibility.


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