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Electronic earplugs are designed to enhance the sounds around you like speech and game movements, but contain sharper impulse sounds down to a designated safe level such as gunfire and flash bangs. Used within the shooting sports and law enforcement divisions, these devices are excellent in protection and enhancement qualities.

Custom Electronic Earplug Series

The E.A.R Custom Electronic Earplug Series has set the mark in quality and sound enhancements within the shooting sports and law enforcement aspects for over a decade. With recognitions coming from several major groups and organizations, we have developed a variety of custom models to aid you in further enjoyment of your target shooting, hunting experience, safety requirements, and radio communications. For motorcycling and wind noise problems see our new digital 2 memory high/low unit.

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Quick-Fit Series Open-Ear Electronic Earplugs

The Quick-Fit Series is considered to be a "mini SHS" unit running on a size 312 hearing aid battery offering 260 hours of operation on a single cell. It's size makes it extremely versatile and designed to fit behind the ear with remarkable appeal.

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SHS Electronic Standard Earplug Series

Our SHS Electronic Standard Earplug Series are fantastic units for archery hunters, shooters and nature enthusiasts who want the advantage of hearing the game before actually seeing it. They were developed to be a less expensive, but highly effective alternative product to our “Custom” and “In-the-Canal” SoundScope/Magnum Ear Series.

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Law Enforcement/Military

The Tactical SHS SWAT Earpiece series incorporates all of the innovations our "Standard" SoundScope/Magnum Ear units. With adjustable potentiometers for added sound benefits and clarity, these units are favorites of many tactical teams looking for the adv

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E.A.R. MiniCanal™

This small, discreet earplug fits comfortably into the ear with the use of patent wax-guard silicone tips that do not require custom ear impressions. The unit fits in the ear canal regardless of personal weight gains or losses and without interference from hats or glasses.

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Sensear's patented SENS® technology

Sensear's new range of hearing protection feature Sensear's world-first patented SENS® technology (Speech Enhancing Noise Suppression) for high quality clear speech communication and optimum hearing protection in high noise environments and across all classes of noise.

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