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Filtered earplugs are beneficial when individuals want to have the ability to hear their outside sounds, but still maintain a safe level of protection. They can be used in several industrial as well as recreational activities to “take-the-edge-off” harmful noise levels. (It is always E.A.R.‘s recommendation to have an audiogram taken after every year to make sure your hearing protection choice is doing its job correctly).


With our new PopStoppers™, the end user can leave the "Stopper" in the OPEN position to hear critical environmental sounds and in the CLOSED position when additional at- tenuation is desired.

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Acoustical Filtered Earplugs

These specialized patented filters are inserted into a custom mold to allow safe sounds, those below 80dB like normal conversation, to pass virtually unattenuated. Yet for sounds higher then 80dB, these filters act like mini-restrictors and limit the sound attenuation to OSHA regulated requirements. Best used for industrial noise and shotgun sports where individuals want to hear some conversation or audiotory signals coming from machinery.

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HearDefenders-DF™ Dual Filtered Earplugs

Until now you were never able to purchase a multi-functional dual filtered hearing protector that was designed to help you hear speech better in noise and could be hooked up to two-way radio communications!

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Sonic Valve Earplugs

Sonic Valve hearing protectors are special patented hearing protection devices designed to allow low level sounds, not harmful to hearing, to pass through. But offer effective hearing protection against high level, high impulse noise which are harmful to hearing. Generally used in aviation, music and sound engineers to reduce "noise hangovers" and ringing ears.

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Musician's Filtered Plug

Musicians practice and perform in a variety of different settings and they are exposed to high levels of sound, sometimes for long periods of time. Each require different amounts of protection depending on the sound levels they encounter during rehearsals and performances.

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