Generic Tips/Tubing

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Generic earmold tips and audio tube accessories are available from E.A.R., Inc., and can be used in many applications dealing with radio communication earpieces and devices.


We offering several kinds of generic and stock tips which have been great accessories to our surveillance earpiece transducer assemblies and electronic "Standard" earplugs. Depending on your primary needs, we can offer suppression against noise or non-occlusion for hearing normal outside sounds.

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Along with our tips we have several types of audio tubing accessories to match your needs from heavy-walled coiled tubing for enhanced radio communications, to shorter versions for "Standard" electronic earplug units.

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Elbow Joints

With every tip and tubing assembly you will have your choice of connecting elbow joints. These can be flanged for a "gripping" fit, or feature a screw-thread for a secure "lock-on" fit.

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