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Requirements in quality headset systems have been essential in industries such as emergency dispatch centers, tactical/special operation teams, aviation pilots and ground support crews and factory personal. With additional benefits of customizing a headset to add comfort and/or suppression value, we can enhance the sound qualities and enjoyment of the unit to the individual user. Please review the following selections and choose from depending on your particular activity and requirements.

Emergency Dispatch Systems

Designed with comfort in mind, these telecommunication systems are the best in the market with superior sound qualities and user reliability. Specializing the systems with a custom "EarSet" will also help in keeping your hands free for other vital job requirements such as transferring information into a computer system.

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Stinger Headset Systems

These lightweight, adaptible headsets are great for security teams looking for quality communication systems without the hassles of bulky equipment. Adaptible with custom or open earmold earpieces and throat-mic accessories makes this series very favorable for several years.

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Stinger K-99 Throat-Mic System

These systems are primarily used in high noise environments or with gas-mask related situations. Designed to pick-up even the slightest voice communication, they are highly effective and reliable communication devices for several industries.

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Tactical EarMic Systems

Tactical EarMic Systems are specialized units where actual transmission and reception of radio communications happens within the ear canal. Featuring two different setups, these systems have been favorites for quality communications among fire departments, haz-mat teams, industrial crews and law enforcement departments. (Can be customized with a custom earmold for added benefits).

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Aviation Headsets

Quality communication systems between cockpit members to ground crew personal is a must, especially when high ambient noise levels are apparent. We feature several dual-sided and single-sided systems designed with noise-attenuating headphones and noise cancelling microphones for individual applications.

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Surveillance Systems

Because we offer the only surveillance kit that features all modular components, you are in control out in the field, just "line up the dots" and put the mail and female connectors together. Our modular design means you can convert from a three-wire to a two-wire system in seconds and you also have peace of mind knowing your system is field repairable.

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Modular Components

Modular components for our 2 and 3 wire kits, including mic assemblies, PTT assemblies, earcord assemblies, and more.

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Surveillance Accessories

Accessories for our 2 and 3 wire kits, including earmolds, button receivers, and coiled tubes.

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