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These lightweight, adaptible headsets are great for security teams looking for quality communication systems without the hassles of bulky equipment. Adaptible with custom or open earmold earpieces and throat-mic accessories makes this series very favorable for several years.

Ideal for tactical, SWAT and military applications, the Stinger Headset Series have been an industry mainstay for years. Their proven reputation for reliability, comfort and versatility have made them characteristically unique in today's security marketplace.

Each are lightweight (1-3 oz.), yet rugged, and may be worn comfortably for long periods of time without fatigue. It is an ideal headset system for crystal clear communications without restricting bodily movement underneath ballistic helmets and SWAT team headgear.

All headsets come with a one-year warranty. To view additional remote PTT switch options, ear cords and accessories, click here.

(Note: Radio interface cables for most radios are sold separately from headset products).

Tactical/Bicycle Stinger 750

In response to the military?s recent movement towards less restrictive headsets, a new 1.5oz lightweight Stinger headset has been developed.

This unit incorporates 20th century technology in the same rugged waterproof speaker and microphone setup as its original design, but is attached to a lighter headband for greater freedom of movement. The addition of a 2.5mm jack overmolded to the speaker housing allows the user to plug in a throat microphone for gas mask applications. Bicycle patrol or security units will also appreciate the speaker/receive mute option.

Compatible radios include Com-Net Ericsson, ICOM, Kenwood, King, Maxon, Motorola, Ritron, Relm, Yaesu Vertex. To see interface cable price list, click here


  • Boom Mic: Noise-Canceling Electret
  • Speaker Impedance: 150 Ohm Dynamic
  • Sensitivity: 89+/-dB @ 1 KHz
  • Weight: 1oz.

w/Mic Mute - $250.00/each
w/Mic Mute, Military Barrel PTT, ICOM F30/40 Connector - $270.00/each
w/Speaker Mute - $250.00/each
w/Speaker Mute, Military Barrel PTT, ICOM F30/40 Connector - $270.00/each
w/Speaker Mute, Military Barrel PTT, 6 pin Hirose Connector - $295.00/each
w/Speaker Mute, Military Barrel PTT, Motorola GP3000 Connector - $270.00/each
w/Speaker Mute, Military Barrel PTT, Kenwood TK Series Connector - $270.00/each

EarCord w/2.5mm plug for Speaker Mute Version (black or cream color) - $60.00
Throat Mic w/2.5 mm plug for Mic Mute Version - $160.00

Swat tac


Special-Ops Headset.

  • Laboratory tested NRR 20dB.
  • Durable, lightweight and durable construction, enhanced amplification for use in tough environments.
  • Can be utilized with virtually any two-way radio communication system.
  • Multi-versitile offering several attachable options such as throat-mic assemblies and waterproof PTT switches.
  • Touch-pad volume controls, low-profile earcups, and two omni-directional amplifying microphones.
  • We have the ability to adapt this ear muff to the K-99 Stinger Throat-Mic.
  • Battery life: 250 hours (2 AA required)
  • Weight: 315g
  • NRR: 20dB

Cost: $235.00

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