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Maintaining optimal hearing healthcare is so important. We recommend the following products to clean your hearing devices or to remove excess wax from your ears.

ear wax

Audiologists Choice Earwax Removal Drops

Earwax is a normal and healthy response produced to protect the ear canal from water and noise. However, excessive wax build-up needs to be attended to before normal hearing acuity or other hearing problems arise.

This product is doctor recommended and includes one 1/2 oz. bottle of drops and a bulb syringe to effectively flush excessive wax out of the ear canal.

Cost: $8.00/kit


AudioWipe Disinfectant Towelettes

These mini-canisters make it easy for individuals to clean and disinfect their hearing devices and earmolds at home or on the field. These hospital-grade disinfectant towelettes will not harm rubber, plastic or silicone. The economical, portable and convenient canisters include 36 wipes per container

Cost: $8.00/canister

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