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intraspecNYX has teamed with Sved Optics to create the lightest and most complete sports optical system in existence. The patented (U.S. Patent No. 5,790,230) intraSPX™ optical insert can be easily interchanged between the polycarbonate lenses of the NYX Sport Vision System. This effectively gives the sports enthusiast which need vision correction lenses the ability to adapt instantly against changing sunlight conditions.

Prescription Insert Information

Low Profile - intraSPX™ utilizes a patented 'lens suspension' prescription mounting system that keeps your sunglasses close to your face. The system enables the sunglass frame to retain its fit, comfort, and styling.

Light Weight - The intraSPX™ system"s patented design features rimless prescription lenses which eliminate the 'second frame' common with other systems. This unique design combined with our exclusive ORAD? lens grinding process guarantees you the thinnest, lightest sport optical insert system in existence.

Versatile - The intraSPX™ prescription insert can be interchanged between any NYX frame and shield lens combination.

Lens Material Options:

  • Plastic CR-39 - This lens material is the most economical. Plastic is the least impact resistant of the lens materials offered.
  • Polycarbonate - This material is 20-30% thinner and lighter than CR-39 plastic. Polycarbonate is the most impact resistant of any lens material and is strongly recommended for use in active sports. Scratch resistant coating is included.
  • Polycarbonate 1.0 -This is the thinnest, lightest lens material in existence. This material is recommended for stronger prescriptions. Scratch resistant coating is included.
  • Hi-Index Plastic - This material lacks the impact resistance of Polycarbonate 1.0 but is comparable in thickness and weight. Hi Index material is considered to have the best optics available in a thin lens design.

***NOTE: The intraSPX™ system is not available for all prescriptions. If you have a strong prescription, please call us

nyx presPrescription Pricing

Lens Material Options:
Plastic CR-39 $109.00
Polycarbonate $134.00
Polycarbonate 1.0 $159.00
High Index Plastic $159.00

Extra Options:
Bifocal (Flat Top Style) $35.00
Progressive Bifocal $60.00
Anti-Scratch Coating (CR-39 Only) $20.00

Shipping/Handling $3.85

How to Order: All NYX sunglasses are delivered with an easy to understand instruction card within the foam lined carrying case. You do not need to send in the sunglasses when you place your order for the prescription insert, unless you are ordering the Classic Competition sports glasses style. These will need to be sent in to have your prescription actually mounted to the frame. Simply follow the instructions on the instruction card and return this card with your recent eye exam results.

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