Elbow Joints

Generic earmold joints are available from E.A.R., Inc., and can be used in many applications dealing with radio communication earpieces and devices.

Please review the following selections as we have several versions to choose from depending on your particular activity and requirements.

barbed joint

Barbed joints

These polyurethane barbed elbow joints slide into any audio tube very easily, but become very hard to pull off.

Cost: $3.00/package

screwed joint

Screw thread joints

These polyurethane screw thread joints screw into any Comply foam tip or Skeleton tip, and are handy when replacing tips is required.

Cost: $3.00/package

cap joint

Cap joints

Used on the snap-fitting of a transducer assembly button, these cap joints are great for easy audio tube attachment.

Cost: $3.00/package

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