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Having a diverse product line gives us the ability to handle several types of requirements sought by music professionals, audio engineers, and many other markets like motorcycling, trap and pistol shooting and general meditation.

Universal Series - Dual Driver System

Whether you are a professional or general music enthusiast, these monitors incorporate unparallel high and low characteristics that will make your music jump right out of your player into your head! Can be customized for better sound isolation in a variety of colors.

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Universal Series -Triple Driver System

For additional surround sound experience, this triple driver music monitor system will deliver a richer response and smoother transitions between your highs, mids and lows. It's a true immersion into "feeling" your music like you never have before. Can be customized for better sound isolation in a variety of colors.

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Z1 Music Monitors

Z1 music monitors have a better response and smoother definition than our similar single driver iPlugz® and Competition Sports Monitors.

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Professional Music Monitors

In-Ear-Monitoring systems have become the choice of performing artists in the musical industry for several years. The custom silicone earmolds promote quality stereo, or binaural sound by eliminating external noise with a NRR rating of 29. Thus allowing superior attenuation and comfort for everyday use within the professional field.

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iPlugz Sports Monitors

With growing interests in advanced audio electronics such as MP3 players, Apple's iPod and satelite radio systems, E.A.R. developed a new recreational sports monitor that carried more bass and more treble for an overall better reproduction of the recorded sound.

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