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Non-electronic earplugs are designed for protection against water and noise. They can be used in a number of industrial and recreational applications such as shooting, swimming, motorcycling, sleeping, industrial work, etc. They offer the best in comfort and durability and have become well recognized throughout the world.

Insta-Mold Earplugs

Made “On-the-Spot,” Insta-Mold’s provide the best in proven protection against extreme noise and water activities. With several color choices to choose from and the benefits of Insta-Mold’s Insta-Seal Plus seal koter, you will love these earplugs for seve

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Chameleon Earplugs

Our heat-curable earmolds known as Chameleon Ears have similar characteristics as our “On-the-Spot” Insta-Mold silicones, but have a better qualities in durability and flex. We can add acoustic filters to these molds to lower the overall NRR rating, but still retain harmful sounds to permissable levels. We can even make these glow in the dark!!!

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