Randolph Ranger Lenses

Randolph Ranger's interchangeable shatterproof polycarbonate lenses are designed to offer maximum "blow-back and bounce-back" protection. These lenses provide outstanding optical clarity and the color is molded in (not tinted) providing consistent color throughout the lens which will never fade or wear with time. All Randolph Ranger lenses absorb 100% of UV rays and offer maximum protection from debris and other hazards.

 ColorLens Performance
Clear lensClear #42Poor lighting, indoor ranges and eye protection. For shooting indoors when no contrast is needed. An excellent safety lens when hand loading.
Pale Yellow lensPale Yellow #48Brightening effect in low light conditions, dusk or dawn. A very light color tint allows this lens to be used indoors, outdoors, in flat light or at night.
Yellow lensYellow #43Overcast foggy days or late afternoon. Good lens for rifle or pistol shooting with black and white targets. Can be used in indoor ranges.
Medium Yellow lensMedium Yellow #52Maximum enhancement of orange clay targets in low light conditions.
Sunset Orange lensSunset Orange #49Bright, hazy conditions. Slightly darker than orange (#45) to absorb scattered blue light, for contrast. Enhances visual acuity.
Orange lensOrange #45Excellent all around lens for orange clay targets. Dull cloudy days, dusk or dawn. Enhances the orange of the target.
Vermillion lensVermillion #46For shooting against green backgrounds, works well for those with red-green color deficiency. Highlights conditions where there is poor background. Highlights orange and dampens green. Good lens for those who see orange poorly.
Light Purple lensLight Purple #47Provides excellent contrast of orange targets against green background or sky. Combaines grey and vermillion. It dampens the green and enhances the orange target against trees.
Deep Purple lensDeep Purple #51For very bright conditions. Darker than #47, a lens for very bright sunlight and provides great contrast of orange targets against a deep blue sky. An excellent lens for glare reduction.
Brown lensBrown #44Light reducing giving good definition of orange targets. A good all around lens for shooting orange targets on bright glaring days with open background.
Ranger Bronze lensRanger Bronze #50High contrast for bright, glaring days with open background. Good for hunting and snow conditions.
Grey lensGrey #41For bright days, rifle or pistol shooters. Reduces light and transmits all colors at the same level. Does not enhance orange targets. Use in bright sunlight.

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