Randolph Ranger RX Sporter

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The Rx Sporter features a full frame constructed with Monel eyewire for strength and a 3-position adjustable nosepiece for a range of shooting and viewing situations. This frame was designed to accommodate prescription lenses that cannot be easily fitted to the current Ranger or Ranger XL frames. In addition, there is an optional clip-on available that provides a custom fit and exact color match to the frame. Both cable temples in 150mm and 160mm lengths and skull temples are available.

Ranger RX Sporter

This exciting new frame comes in a 57mm and 62mm eye size and three classic colors, brushed gold, brushed pewter and black. This is a rugged, yet practical frame that could easily be used in a variety of hunting and fishing situations, or as an every day pair of prescription glasses.

This innovative combination of a prescription frame and a matching clip-on, opens up a number of possibilities to provide full time corrected vision and your choice of tints when needed. The choice would be yours. A clear prescription lens installed in the frame and the tint of your choice in the clip on, or a tinted prescription lens in the frame without a clip on. Either way you get the choice of the current 12 tints from Randolph, plus the new CMT lens, or a custom tint from the dealer. Polarized lenses will also be offered in the near future

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