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In the fine tradition of product design Randolph introduced the Ranger XL in July of 2002. The Ranger XL features a new adjustable nosepiece mount design, which allows the user to either raise or lower the glasses by up to 6mm. This allows the Ranger XL to be used for all shooting disciplines such as shotgun, rifle, or pistol as well as every day wear.

Precision machined adjustable nosepiece to raise or lower the frame up to 6mm for personalized frame fit to achieve the right level of sight for any shooting discipline.

Ranger XL

adjustable nose pieceGooseneck nose pad arms for additional horizontal and/or vertical frame adjustments.

  • Ophthalmic quality frame design for either plano or Rx lenses.
  • 6mm wider frame fit than original Ranger.
  • New Cable Temple curl design for more secure and natural fit.
  • A deep 17mm face form for increased peripheral coverage and protection.
  • Twelve 2.5mm fixed tint polycarbonate lens colors to choose from for varying background, clay, and lighting conditions.
  • Lenses interchange between Ranger and Ranger XL.
  • Two frame sizes: 68mm and 66mm. New 62mm size will be introduced at the 2003 Shot Show in Florida.
  • Two standard cable temple lengths: 150mm and 160mm. 140mm cable, bayonet and skull temples are available as accesories.
  • Two frame colors: Matte Black and Matte Chrome. No annoying reflections of light. Will not exceed 50% reading on a gloss meter test.
  • New company logo reflects high-tech image and reliability.
  • High tensile strength metal alloys. Will retain original shape, fit, and function for many years.
  • Lifetime solder joint warranty.
  • Made in the USA.

Complete Ranger XL System - Frame, carrying case and 12 pairs of lenses.

Ranger XL 3 Lens System - Your choice of 3 lenses, frame and carrying case packaged in a shotgun shell.

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