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Randolph Ranger XL

In the fine tradition of product design Randolph introduced the Ranger XL in July of 2002. The Ranger XL features a new adjustable nosepiece mount design, which allows the user to either raise or lower the glasses by up to 6mm. This allows the Ranger XL to be used for all shooting disciplines such as shotgun, rifle, or pistol as well as every day wear.

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Randolph Ranger RX Sporter

The Rx Sporter features a full frame constructed with Monel eyewire for strength and a 3-position adjustable nosepiece for a range of shooting and viewing situations. This frame was designed to accommodate prescription lenses that cannot be easily fitted to the current Ranger or Ranger XL frames. In addition, there is an optional clip-on available that provides a custom fit and exact color match to the frame. Both cable temples in 150mm and 160mm lengths and skull temples are available.

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Randolph Ranger Lenses

Randolph Ranger's interchangeable shatterproof polycarbonate lenses are designed to offer maximum "blow-back and bounce-back" protection. These lenses provide outstanding optical clarity and the color is molded in (not tinted) providing consistent color throughout the lens which will never fade or wear with time

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CMT ColorMag™ Technology

Randolph Engineering Inc. provides hi-tech glasses for shooters who want the greatest advantage when sighting orange clay targets. The idea behind a standard shooting lens is to absorb some colors to make others stand out more. But what if you could harness the energy wasted in the absorptive process and use it create more of the color you want?

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