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Developed for radio communications, aviation communications, musicians, sleeping, stethoscopes and telephone headsets. Our specialty line enables you to camouflage your communications while maintaining contact with your environment. Whether you're in the woods, instructing a student or simply at work, you will be able to receive commands clearly and discreetly.

Cell Phone Systems

With today's advancements being made in cellular technology, the importance of "hands-free" communications is being ever more emphasized. In fact, ear-bud systems are now being required for safety reasons in several states while driving vehicles or operat

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Music Monitors

Having a diverse product line gives us the ability to handle several types of requirements sought by music professionals, audio engineers, and many other markets like motorcycling, trap and pistol shooting and general meditation.

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Teleprompter/Law Enforcement Earpieces

The Skeleton-Style Earpiece is used by operatives in all forms of undercover occupations such as F.B.I, SWAT, police and secuirty teams, as well as broadcast professionals such as field reporters and anchorpersons.

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Musician's Filtered Plug

Musicians practice and perform in a variety of different settings and they are exposed to high levels of sound, sometimes for long periods of time. Each require different amounts of protection depending on the sound levels they encounter during rehearsals and performances.

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Stethoscope Earmolds

In today's medical professional, stethoscopes are used to check vital signs of patients everyday. Unfortunately, many professional suffer moderate to significant amounts of hearing loss due to their recreational activities, and/or physical changes due to older age, which can possibly lead to problems in diagnosing patients correctly.

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Pilot's Molds

Today's pilots have several choices in headset communications. Two of the more popular boom mic systems are the lightweight Telex5x5 Pro III and the Plantronics MS-50-T30-2. Both have the ability to work with a customized ear mold, which features an adjustable boom for positioning of the microphone.

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Racing Molds

In the amateur and professional racing circuit, communications is a must for pit crews and drivers. Relaying vital strategic plans throughout a race along with communicating current positions, and/or possible upcoming hazards on the track is an invaluable asset to a racing team's success.

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iPlugz Sports Monitors

With growing interests in advanced audio electronics such as MP3 players, Apple's iPod and satelite radio systems, E.A.R. developed a new recreational sports monitor that carried more bass and more treble for an overall better reproduction of the recorded sound.

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