Surveillance Systems

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Modular systems give you the upper hand.

Because we offer the only surveillance kit that features all modular components, you are in control out in the field, just "line up the dots" and put the mail and female connectors together. Our modular design means you can convert from a three-wire to a two-wire system in seconds and you also have peace of mind knowing your system is field repairable.

Need a custom solution?

E.A.R. Inc is happy to provide a custom kit to meet your specific surveillance requirements. Our earpieces and PTT switches can be configured in numerous ways. Just tell us what you need!

Three-Wire Surveillance Kit

The three-wire surveillance kit consists of three modular components: a microphone, a PTT switch (various options available) and an earset. This allows the user to position the microphone to best fit the immediate need, i.e. transmit user's voice or pickup nearby conversations. Because each component is modular, they can be changed easily.

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Two-Wire Surveillance Kit

The two-wire surveillance kit consists of a whisper palm microphone with self-contained soft button PTT switch and removable clothing clip. The wearer can use the system by raising the unit to the mouth via the palm of the hand to transmit whisper conversations. It can also be pinned to the back of a tie or business suit for transmission of the user's voice or to pick up nearby conversations.

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One-Wire Surveillance Systems

The one-wire surveillance kit consists of a single wire and earset. This system allows the user to receive transmissions coming from their radio in high noise environments, or commonly used as a surveillance earpiece where normal radio transmissions cannot be heard clearly.

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