Generic earmold tips are available from E.A.R., Inc., and can be used in many applications dealing with radio communication earpieces and devices.

Please review the following selections as we have several versions to choose from depending on your particular activity and requirements.


Comply tips

If noise levels are of concern, these foam ear tips are a nice substitute to the custom earmold. With a NRR of 29 (when inserted properly), these tips create a full seal or they can be vented to allow for hearing outside sounds. Packaged with 3 standard or vented foam tips.

Cost: $15.00/package


Skeleton tips

These tips are beneficial when outside sounds need to be heard. Made of a flexible silicone polymer, these tips come in small, medium and large sizes. Available in translucent pink.

Cost: $15.00/package


Silicone tips

Added comfort with a flanged silicone tip helps when ear canals are small or contain difficult bends. These tips have a NRR of 26 and are available in slim, small, medium and large sizes for use with the SHS Mini-Canal and Entry-Level Hearing Aids.

Cost: $???/package

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