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privateE.A.R., Inc., has developed a unique wireless communications system known as Private Ears™ which can be used with two-way radios and cell phones. This feature enables the user to camouflage radio commands and instructions by receiving communications through a Custom or Standard (BTE) earpiece. This option is also available as an "upgrade" for our Custom Electronic Earplug Series.

Private Ears™

Whether you're hunting in a group, coaching, or simply at work, you'll be able to receive communications clearly without being overheard. An induction loop, worn around the neck, can be placed underneath clothing to add a level of discretion for those who wish both to communicate unobserved, and not to be overheard.

redPrivate Ears™ or the Private Ears™ option, gives you the ability to conceal your communications and still maintain contact with your environment. An added benefit is that you can listen "hands-free" with the radio clipped to a belt or in a pocket.

exampleThis system can be used with virtually all commercial or sport two-way radios. Just connect our induction system to the output on your radio and position the earpiece within your ear. You can adjust the volume and chose between a communication-only mode or an enhancement-only mode with a small switch found on the Custom or Standard units face-plate. (The micro units only offer communication aspects.)

Who Uses the Private Ears™ System?

Anyone who uses ordinary two-way radios or equipped cell phones can appreciate the added benefits of Private Ears™ System.

  • Law Enforcement, Security, S.W.A.T Teams and Undercover Agents can especially benefit from the Private Ears™ discreet appearance. The induction loop and earpiece can work with officer's existing radios.
  • Hunters and Shooters can stay in touch with each other while out in the field. Unlike ordinary earplugs, the Private Ears™ option to the SoundScope/Magnum Ear series electronic hearing protection can amplify quiet sounds like animals scurrying in leaves, traps releasing and range masters' commands.
  • Cellular-phone users can use the Private Ear™ system for "hands-free" capability for safety and control of their vechiles while driving their cars and/or motorcycles.
  • Wildlife Surveillance. Private Ears™ permit bird or game watching without radio noise disturbing the environment.
  • Athletes and Students separated by distance from Coaches and Instructors can receive clear instruction without sounds or wires coming from radios while retaining use of both hands. Examples would include equestrians, skiers, dancers, shotgun sports, etc.
  • Bicyclist and Racing Teams can stay in touch and keep both hands on the handlebars or steering wheel.
  • Outdoor enthusiasts of all types will appreciate being in constant communication with "hands-free" listening.

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